Communications Design

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Communication design is a mixed discipline between design and information-development which is concerned with how mediaintermission such as printedcraftedelectronic media or presentations communicate with people. A communication design approach is not only concerned with developing the message aside from the aesthetics in media, but also with creating new media channels to ensure the message reaches the target audience.

Communication design can also refer to a systems-based approach, in which the totality of media and messages within a culture or organization are designed as a single integrated process rather than a series of discrete efforts.

Communication design seeks to attract, inspire, create desires and motivate the people to respond to messages, with a view to making a favorable impact to the bottom line of the commissioning body, which can be either to build a brand, move sales, or for humanitarian purposes. Its process involves strategic business thinking, using market researchcreativity, and problem-solving.

The term communication design is often used interchangeably with visual communication, but has an alternate broader meaning that includes auditory, vocal, touch and smell. Examples of Communication Design include information architectureeditingtypography,illustrationweb designanimationadvertisingambient mediavisual identity designperforming artscopywriting and professional writingskills applied in the creative industries.