Exploding Heads

Nov 22nd, 20061 Comment

This week I thought I’d add a little humor to my friends Lyndsay’s day. She recently started a job as a UI designer at Keane Associates in Cambridge. She came from the advertising industry. She and I have been friends and colleagues since we met at The Image Factory. I love Lyndsay’s design style, but what I most respect about her is that she like me is a an artist-geek. We speak the same language and it is comforting to know that I have a friend here in the middle of nowhere who has some sort of understanding of what I love to do.

I am so excited for Lyndsay, she moved to the city and she has realized her dreams. Taking the big step from Web Designer for an Agency to UI Designer for Web Applications is quite ambitious and it takes a lot of brain power to handle the intensity of such a culture shock. So each day I would call her in the evening and ask about her day. Each day she would say, information overload, this is so much to learn, my head is going to explode. Now what is quite freaky, is that this is an actual phenomenon. And yes, I quite agree that there have been times where I have listened to members of my team, trying to teach me some complex transaction, speaking in acronyms, where literally, my brain goes into overload. It has become so serious at time, that my head pounds, and I feel like I am completely dehydrated. Oh no, not of liquid, dehydrated of reasoning, I just cannot think for another second, feeling like my head is just going to explode. So I was completely sympathetic to her plight.

This plight makes me think of a bobble head. Glazed look comes over your face, your head nods with each pause, too weak to even speak a word from your lips. But the best part of this is I usuallly have a long commute to re-sort my day and reorganize the thoughts in my hea d. Or there are many days I just decide to go into the zone and listen to the radio instead, requiring passive listening, the best medicine for the exploding head syndrome.