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Oct 3rd, 20081 Comment

It has been more than a year since I have spent time on my blog.  Honestly, I have been so busy at my job I have had no energy to spend on my own work. I have spend the past year and one half designing the user interface for enterprise social networking software. Yes, basically this software mimics the web, but can be used for government, education and business applications. I consider this software the Swiss army knife of social networking software. All in one, Wikis, blogs, photo galleries, file archiving, discussions, chat, teaming, email, presence, personal profiles and the list goes on….

This has been the most challenging project I have had in my career.  I spent countless hours researching social networking applications on the web and tried to meld the look and feel into software which was previously designed.

I quickly became passionate about this software application. I was surrounded by amazing people who worked years on this software evolving it to the point where it was purchased by a much larger company. It is with this acquisition where my passion ends and I am now looking forward to the next project.

I learned a great deal, most amazingly, I have learned to once again not to get too attached or too passionate. All it takes is one business decision…and you are back on the job boards looking for work again.  The product has been moved across the country to be developed by a new team.  And I am left to scratch my head wondering why I did not choose hairdressing for my career.

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  1. John says:

    Well, I, for one, am glad that you returned to your blog today. I’m also glad that you convinced me to begin my own blog at John-N-Zachary Productions on this same blog site. You at least have an idea of what you’re writing. I, on the the other hand, will just be making comments about anything and everything that courses through my brain – like this upcoming election’s candidates or lack thereof, the current trend of dropping off troubled kids by their parents when they become unruly in the midwest, or the end of the world which I keep hearing about so much. I’ve just scared myself again! Maybe my own blog isn’t a good idea? Keep writing AutisticGeek. I’ll be reading.

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