Over the past several years I have found a passion for UI design and architecture for web technologies. My interests lie in web application design, information architecture and usability. For some this may be a more difficult to design for, but my aptitude requires I see the “big picture” and understand work flow and process. I feel fortunate that I have a background in graphic design and can take these design concepts to the web. Unlike commercial web sites, web application design require one understand complex transactions and have the ability to take this complexity and make it intuitive and usable for the users.

Visual communication is a combination of using words, pictures and graphical elements to communicate. Visual design stretches across several mediums. Being a designer is not good enough, the best designer understands the message, their industry, marketing objectives, business strategy and design principles for the medium in which they communicate. We must understand the voice of the customer, who are the users and how do they work.

My career has encompassed many industries and business models which include; medical electronics, office products, furniture manufacturing, finance, pharmaceuticals, baby products, steel gates, electronics, optics, hotel, package design, plastics, retail, wholesale distribution, hardware, software, security products, SAS, networking and collaboration software.

My passion for technology and creativity has given me great opportunities to continually push the envelope to be on the cutting edge, apply all my skills and talents to new mediums.