Case Studies

Web Application Design

People use web applications to get work done; to complete a work flow. We need to design applications which are readable, conscience of tasks with prioritization of information. My skills and communication style can reveal what you will need to create intuitive, informative task based web applications. The complication of the technology is not the responsibility of the user. The responsibility of the technologist is to make the workflow seamless and invisible.

Visual Design of Ellacoya Networks

Ellacoya Networks This project is a web application which supported a network switch. The supporting software is used to create a network for monitoring, controlling and reporting bandwidth.

My role in this was UI architecture, user experience design, documentation, usability, user profiles, research, wireframes, navigation, design documentation, develop and design templates using HTML 4.0, CSS styles and assets.


This application was pre-existing, however, it was not web enabled and so complicated it took the time and knowledge of an Ellacoya sales engineer to set up the system for their customers. My expertise was needed to recreate the interface to allow ease of use so the customer could set up their own network systems with little help of a sales engineer. To learn more about the methods and process download the case study below. Ellacoya Case Study